Sandra Hess is an Ohio based midwife with 30+ years of active practice.

  • Positive and enabling belief- & attitude- partnership with the parents; experienced labor companion (aka:doula) 
  • Experience, knowledge, skills, patience and trust in childbirth as healthy and normal 
  • Extensive lending library of multi-media materials
  • Prenatal care 
  • Labor and birth care
  • Immediate postpartum care & 24 hr. on-call availability of midwife 
  • Follow-up postpartum care during 1st week (home visits)
  • Lactation assistance for any breast feeding difficulties or concerns : ) to ensure success
  • Optimal health education/resources for fitness, nutrition, childbirth preparation, breastfeeding,fertility awareness, and more 
  • Consultation & referral services to other providers if need arises; consultation and transfer of care available to OB/GYN services and hospital.


Sandra is gentle in her care and she has a calmness about her which leaves you feeling self assured. She takes her time with you and tries to get to know you as a person while you are under her care. She genuinely seems to care about your well being and the babies well being. She accepted us as a patient even though we lived very far from her in order to make sure we received care for our baby and my birth. She instills in you a peace about childbirth. It's the first time I felt like I was treated as a human being instead of a disease during pregnancy and I felt assured my pregnancy and home birth was a natural process and not something to be feared or a disease. She made me feel calm and confident when she was my midwife. She cared for us holistically and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for good care while having a natural birth. she is a very compassionate person and she will do her best to make sure you get good care.


I am a believer of my body and it’s capabilities. And Sandra is a midwife who not only understands this and works with this she has all the necessary skills and experience to help create the most successful of environments for a wonderful home birth. I had a very difficult birth but it didn't phase Sandy. She guided me through it like a guardian angel. So instead of a potentially traumatizing experience, I experienced utter acceptance of the process, nothing was forced or pushed. She is my five star Midwife, who I will always treasure with all of my heart.

Talia ( See Talia's Birth Photos )

Sandra was my midwife for the birth of all three of my babies. I am so thankful for her experience, knowledge, kindness, and quality of care during my three varied home births. From prenatal to labor to postpartum, she was always there with an answer to any questions I had, and to wisely and lovingly help me in any difficulties I faced. I would recommend Sandra to any woman who is looking for a midwife.


Sandra was my midwife for my second home birth. I can't speak highly enough about her!!! It was a beautiful experience. She is compassionate, supportive, knowledgeable, and dedicated! She took time with me, and addressed all of my questions and concerns with knowledge and care. During my labor she was calm and encouraging, giving me space when I wanted it and support when I needed it. She stayed a good while afterward, making sure the baby and I were both stable and comfortable. Her presence at my birth was truly a gift, and I will forever be grateful to her! I will definitely be using her services in the future, and recommend her to any Mom without reservation :-)




icon2-open-copy2.png  Phone: (330) 231-5945

icon4-open-copy2.png  28448 CR 10, Fresno, Ohio